We believe the Bible to be the inspired and infallible Word of God. We seek to faithfully and earnestly proclaim the gospel message. We make every possible effort to spread the Word throughout the world to Christ, teaching and urging the study of God's Word. We pray you get to know God and receive help and blessing from our services.


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Church Activities

Church and FlagCentral Baptist Church, the church that cares, is an independent, fundamental Baptist church located in the Pontoon Beach community. Pastored for over 30 years by Wayne L. Musatics. Central Baptist is an old- fashioned church that believes the Bible, preaches the Bible and practices the Bible. We are glad you found our site and thank you for visiting. .Jesus is the answer for you and your family.


Church Services

This Week's Opportunities for Service and Blessings...


9:45 am   S.S. Bible Study
am  Morning Church Service
6:15 pm   Orchestra Practice
7:00 pm   Evening Church Service

7:00pm   Prayer and Bible Study
7:00pm   Baptist Kids' Club

7:00 pm   Teen Power Hour
8:30pm   S.S. Teachers' Meeting

9:30am   Y.A.H. Bible Study(55+)
Soul Winning

9:00am    Men's Prayer Meeting
10:00am  All-Church Soul Winning
10:00am  Teen Soul Winning


Education Program

  Central Baptist School offers a home school program. The Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum is an individualized academic program. It is strong in the basics including phonics and is open to grades K-12. This is a self-paced study program which allows each student to progress at their own academic level.  [more]